About genissa

Wanderess. Reader. Minimalist. Photographer. Literary + Lifestyle Blogger. Freelancer. Aro-spec (apromantic). She/her.

28 year old second generation multiracial Filipino American, born and raised in Northern California, who has a lust for life and adventure. She is left-handed, the only one of two in her family. She's a former submissions intern at Entangled Pub (2017-2018) and Swoon Romance (2014), and library aide (2013-2016). Currently a regional staff at a local not-for-profit that partners with Doctors Without Borders, ACLU's People Power and The Nature Conservancy by day. Caterer by night. Part-time college student in between.

Fun fact: Genissa is not her formal/legal first name, nor is it the full part of the name she goes by. Her formal first name is very traditional Filipino and is a familial name she shares with the girls and women in her family - so she goes by her other first name Genissa to distinguish her from her family members. She also uses her maternal grandfathers surname on social media or for opportunities whenever possible.

When she's not working or taking poli-sci/civics classes at city college, she can be found riding her bike along the beautiful trails near the rivers with her friends, writing in her gratitude journal, playing with her bff's chicklets on their ranch, partaking in nidra yoga to help with chronic back pain and insomnia, volunteering with Indivisible Guide + NorCal Resist on #TakeActionTuesdays, taking the drone out along the river or hiking trails to get shots of the beautiful scenery, reading, spending time with her godkids, tending to her garden (+ sometimes failing), writing poetry on rare occasions, making (but mostly eating) smoothie bowls, therapeutic decluttering (externally + internally), karaoke with her roommates, losing at game nights, making terrible dad jokes, or attempting to do tik tok dances with her roomies when they're bored.

ENTP with a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and Libra rising.