🌙 genissa 🌙
🌙 genissa 🌙
Wanderess. Reader. Minimalist. Photographer. Literary + Lifestyle Blogger. Activist. Freelancer. Aro-spec (apromantic). She/her.

28 year old second generation multiracial Filipino American, born and raised in California, who has a lust for life and adventure. She's a former submissions intern at Entangled Pub and Swoon Romance, and library aide.

ENTP with a Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and Libra rising.

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♡ words to live by ♡

♡ words to live by ♡
- unknown [Image Source]

☁️ gratitude journal ☁️

ღ the new u.s. president + vice president, and the movements, orgs, activist leaders and volunteers who all helped reclaim our democracy

ღ promotion to level 2 team member at work, plus a raise and wage increase

ღ seeing my friends and godkids beautiful faces during our facetime hang outs

zoom game nights with friends + family far and near

ღ the volunteers out there lending a helping hand to their communities, especially those hit hardest by the pandemic

ღ audiobooks, Kobo audio + library apps such as: cloudLibrary, Libby, OverDrive

ღ beautiful mostly sunny days this winter

ღ people out there protecting themselves and each other by simply wearing masks + social distancing. the real mvp's.

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Currently Reading

Currently Reading
Persephone Station by Stina Leicht
Sci-Fi/Fantasy, LGBTQ+
January 5, 2021

October Top Pick

October Top Pick
God Storm by Coco Ma
YA Fantasy
October 20, 2020 from Blackstone Publishing

Ways to Support Black Lives Matter

Masterlists (blm mission, petitions, donations, mutual aid funds, call/email scripts, gofundme's):

Black Lives Matter carrd


Please take the time to learn about what's going on in Nigeria regarding the a branch of the Nigeria Police Force called SARS, whom are torturing Nigerian citizens, and help Nigerians in multitude of ways from wherever you are.

Help #EndSARS (donate, supporting protesters + more):


Help Philippines #JunkTerrorLaw

Get educated on the Anti-Terrorism Law, sign petitions, donate donate donate, email scripts + more to help #JunkTerrorLawNow

Junk Terror Law carrd

Ways to help Beirut, Lebanon

world issues

Resources + educational tools on what's going on around the world right now and ways to help:



Philippines has been hit by 7 typhoons in the span of two months that has left many Filipinos devastated, stranded, without electricity and homes, and worse. Please consider donating to relief efforts and mutual aids as their government will not be providing assistance. Note: do not donate to the PH government.

Donation drives, mutual aid funds, petitions, volunteer, hotlines + more:

#RescuePH carrd
#RescuePH - INT'L Edition

U.S. Civic Action Resources

Flip the House + keep the Senate:



Call scripts + Reps/Senator contact finder:



Civic action guides, resources + toolkits:



Get involved + volunteer (canvass, phone/text bank, mail postcards, etc):



Non-partisan ballots, measures, props, candidate profiles + voting resources:



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